Collaborative. Aligning Hospital-Physician Interests.

The AMS Gainsharing Program provides hospitals with the guidance, methodology and proven approval to incent physicians financially to improve efficiency and quality of care. It creates a collaborative environment where both hospital and physician incentives are aligned.

We deliver our Performance Based Incentive System, AMS PBIS®, along with ongoing support and training to hospitals and to hospital systems, for an annual fee.

Transparency, Consistency, Scorekeeping.

The AMS Gainsharing Program is powered by AMS PBIS®.  AMS PBIS® provides hospital and physician reports detailing activity and trends every 6 months. With support from AMS, hospitals use the data to identify cost reduction or savings opportunities, by service line, by department and by physician.

AMS PBIS® data highlights resource utilization trends including cost per case that is severity adjusted using APR DRGs, Length of Stay (LOS), Readmission and Mortality rates. It enables hospital leadership and participating physicians to prioritize cost reduction, patient management and care re-design initiatives. AMS PBIS® data supports additional hospital efforts already underway including:

  • Care redesign
  • Implementation of committee recommendations, such as Pharmacy and Therapeutics
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Length of Stay (LOS) reduction
  • Documentation improvement
  • Core measures
  • Readmissions
  • Patient Satisfaction

By linking gainsharing incentives to these other efforts, we’ve found hospitals typically achieve excellent physician cooperation, realize cost reductions, often see revenue increases and achieve improved quality of care.

On-Going Support for On-Going Achievement.

We offer robust on-site support for hospital Program Coordinators, the primary contact designated at the hospital.

AMS begins by attending hospital steering committee and other physician meetings to champion the program. We then offer assistance with implementation and on-going support. AMS provides participating hospitals boot-camp style training, specialized for each program and on-going training through webinars, conference calls and on site programs. A customized Physician Handbook, Operations Manual, brochure and posters/flyers round out the toolkit.