Hospital-Physician Alignment. Shared Objectives. Reduced Costs.

Hospital administrators expend enormous financial and organizational resources to affect efficiency and quality improvements. They understand payment systems may not have shared objectives, such as when physicians receive fee-for-service payment while hospitals receive a per case rate.

The AMS Gainsharing Program provides the means and methodology for hospitals to:

  • Engage physicians
  • Reduce costs
  • Create incentives for aligning hospital-physician goals.

The AMS Gainsharing Program has been shown to result in:

  • Shorter inpatient stays, when appropriate
  • Fewer marginal but costly diagnostic tests
  • Reducing pharmacy expense
  • Efficient use of operating rooms and reduction in turnaround time
  • Cost effective use of critical care and telemetry units
  • Evidence-based selection and purchase of medical devices and hardware
  • Avoiding duplicative services
  • Reducing administrative overhead
  • Improving discharge planning