Aligning Physician and Hospital Incentives – Reduce Costs and Improve Quality of Care Using Gainsharing.

AMS is a national leader in linking health care data and analytics. The AMS Gainsharing Program, powered by its proprietary methodology AMS PBIS®, is an all-inclusive system of targeted, highly defined financial incentives — covering all inpatient cases and costs.

AMS Gainsharing. Proven Business Model. Measurable Results.

It is practical to implement. The AMS Gainsharing Program stands alone or can be integrated into other hospital quality improvement initiatives and physician alignment strategies. It has demonstrated the potential to support significant, positive change. AMS serves as an independent scorekeeper. This role is important for satisfying legal and regulatory concerns. We found it adds to hospital credibility in working with physicians. The methodology’s design, fairness and objectivity enable providers to overcome historical barriers to collaboration. The AMS Gainsharing Program allows hospitals to implement strategic and operational initiatives aligning hospital and physician incentives — ultimately driving performance improvements.

AMS’ ability to integrate with new and ongoing hospital programs to maintain or improve quality of care while reducing costs distinguishes it from alternatives.

AMS PBIS®. The Leading Methodology Driving Performance Improvement. Developed by Industry Leaders.

AMS PBIS®, the core of the AMS Gainsharing Program, provides a comprehensive gainsharing methodology. Approved by CMS in large scale Medicare Bundled Payment for Care Improvement (BPCI) initiatives, specifically Model 1, it is also the solution used in commercial gainsharing and quality improvement programs.

AMS PBIS® provides rewards for both efficient performance and for improvement through its bonus-only plan. Incentives offset any potential loss of physician professional income, especially those resulting from reductions in length of stay. The system contains important methodological features designed to secure physician buy-in.

AMS PBIS® represents over a decade of product development. It is designed and led by a team of industry experts soliciting input and directly addressing issues presented by three parties: regulators, physicians and hospitals.