Joint Process for Shared Success.

From the beginning, AMS works together with its Association partners to support their member hospital physician alignment strategy. 

We help Associations market the AMS Gainsharing Program to member hospitals, to solicit interest and to recruit hospitals or health systems.   To illustrate possible cost reductions, we provide AMS PBIS® simulation data based on each hospital’s own data set.  We develop hospital specific presentation materials.  Then we meet with hospital leaders to introduce the Association’s customized program and to review preliminary results.  AMS serves as the independent third–party scorekeeper. Together with our Association partner, we ensure data integrity and provide support to hospitals so they succeed.

Once a member hospital elects to participate in the program, we use a tested three-part process to implement and to help hospitals succeed.

Identifying Savings Opportunities.

AMS runs the most recent hospital cost data and then generates AMS PBIS® standard reports and simulates incentive payments. With hospital administration and medical staff leadership, we review AMS simulated data and possible savings or cost reduction opportunities.

Physician Recruitment, Pre-Implementation Training and Education.

AMS and its association partner help member hospitals recruit participating physicians. We engage providers and staff at all levels; provide materials including a Physician Handbook customized for each hospital; and help organize and educate work groups.

Program Implementation Designed and Tested to Ensure Success.

The member hospital launches the AMS Gainsharing Program by submitting a standard data set to AMS. AMS performs extensive data quality checks and provides the results to each hospital to review and update prior to running the AMS PBIS®.  AMS calculates individual physician incentive payments and savings opportunities and provides AMS PBIS® reports and physician incentive calculations every 6 months.