A Value-Add Program Supporting Member Hospitals in Physician Engagement.

Hospital Associations and AMS are natural partners. Current Association clients find the AMS Gainsharing Program allows them to provide a service their members need and want. Hospitals seek cost reduction solutions and AMS PBIS® methodology aligns initiatives with medical staff goals.

The AMS Gainsharing Program benefits hospital participants and has been shown to result in:

  • Shorter inpatient stays, when appropriate
  • Fewer marginal but costly diagnostic tests
  • Reducing pharmacy expense
  • Efficient use of operating rooms and reduction in turnaround time
  • Cost effective use of critical care and telemetry units
  • Evidence-based selection and purchase of medical devices and hardware
  • Avoiding duplicative services
  • Reducing administrative overhead
  • Improving discharge planning

The AMS Gainsharing Program provides Associations with multiple benefits as well:

  • The Association has a singular offering that addresses a critical need of their members.
  • Members enjoy the benefits of a gainsharing program that would be considerably more expensive to design and implement on their own.
  • The Association has the opportunity to interact with hospital leadership and medical staff routinely, outside of its normal channels.
  • The AMS Gainsharing program provides a revenue source beyond dues for hospital associations.