Aligning Physician and Hospital Incentives – Gainsharing that Works.

Applied Medical Software. A national leader in gainsharing policy, strategy and practical application. The first company to link health care financial and clinical data and analytics with physician incentives on a large scale.

AMS works with hospital associations, health systems and hospitals, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and healthcare consultants serving this diverse community. The AMS Gainsharing Program is powered by its proprietary methodology AMS Performance Based Incentive System® – AMS PBIS®. The AMS Gainsharing Program provides an all-inclusive system of targeted, highly defined financial incentives covering all inpatient cases and costs. Our approach facilitates the alignment of hospital and physician incentives. It is recognized and approved by CMS in large scale Medicare Bundled Payment for Care Improvement (BPCI) initiatives, specifically Model 1.

We’ve found aligning incentives can result in:

  • Shorter inpatient stays (when clinically appropriate)
  • Fewer marginal, but costly, diagnostic tests
  • Reducing pharmacy expense
  • More efficient use of operating rooms and reduction in turnaround time
  • Evidence-based selection and purchase of medical devices and hardware
  • Cost effective use of critical care and telemetry units
  • Avoiding duplicative services
  • Reducing administrative overhead
  • Improving discharge planning


Whether AMS PBIS® methodology is integrated into a standalone hospital gainsharing or quality improvement program or is part of a broader clinical integration strategy such as an ACO, all benefit from its industry leading design and ease of implementation.